Caroline was born in the Netherlands. As a little girl she spent all her summers on the island of Texel where her parents rented the house of local painter Tielemans, standing in the doorway of his studio a whole interesting world opened up to her. The smell of paint and turp in combination with the magic of seeing creative people at work started a love affair for life.

Caroline studied Museology at the Reinwardt Academie in Leiden, the Netherlands.
Her interest in anthropology led her to her first job as fair-trade importer of quality handicrafts from third world countries. Later she became responsible for the organisation as part of the management team of the well known Dutch Kinderpostzegelactie.

During her years of study at the Reinwardt Academie and later on in her professional career she never abandoned her childhood love for drawing and painting. She continued taking courses in drawing, etching, photography and printmaking. Later on while living in the US she was taught at the studio of Kathryn Freeman (Chevy Chase) all about the ‘old-school’ technical aspects of painting with oils. In the early 90’s Caroline started work as a free-lance illustrator, it became evident in the years that followed that her true passion was in the field of painting. She has since then worked as a full time painter.

She is happy to know that many of her works are in private and corporate collections in various locations around the world.

Since 1990 Caroline has moved over the world with husband and children. Manila, Washington D.C., Prague, Brussels and London were considered home for many years. At the end of summer 2012, she moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Caroline is an artist who tells about her surroundings through her paintings, in a way she is painting the story of her life. Every foreign country, along with the very experiences and unique encounters with local culture and nature, trickles into her art.

Her paintings have always revolved around capturing nature and celebrating it. She is inspired and touched by nature’s beauty as well as its vulnerability, structure, ferociousness and the pure pleasure it emanates; nature as a metaphor of life.

Looking back at her work over the last years you see her gradually zooming out.
From painting the very details of plants, flowers and animals via the exploration of ponds to more broader landscapes. Caroline’s language as a painter evolves. Whilst holding on to her luscious and vibrant use of color, the liberties in paint application and development of her abstract lexicon allow her more freedom to express herself. Boundaries disappear.

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